Welcome to Duck's

Don also known as "Duck" and his wife, Donna, originally experienced the unique taste of Marinated Green Tomatoes in Myrtle Beach. Many years ago they purchased them at a flea market and took them back to the motel and ate the whole jar! They were in love! Every year thereafter they went back looking for more, but were unable to find them again. So, out of desperation, they began the long process of creating their own from scratch. Canning and discarding recipe after recipe until finally coming up with their own Marinated Green Tomato recipe. Family and friends were guinea pigs! Ironically, recently while on a trip to Myrtle Beach they found those original tomatoes again. Imagine their delight. They bought them, took them back to the condo and opened them. They weren't even sealed!! Once they tasted them they couldn't believe how awful and bland they tasted compared to the Duck recipe. Guess their memories were distorted! Prejudiced? They don't think so.

Don "Duck" and Donna Miller reside in Jackson County, West Virginia, where the Duck products are prepared. They love what they do and enjoy life immensely. Don has recently retired and has been in many "honey-do" projects, including designing and constructing a new recreation building, including a pool table, bar and dance floor for "Shagging" which they love, and a new "tomato" kitchen. Being people-oriented, they love festivals and all the people they have met and come to know.

They are especially delighted that their son, Bruce, has become involved in the business, and helps with all phases - even the slicing and dicing! Kitchen time is also fun time dragging many of their friends and family members in.

The Miller's thank all of their Duck fans! If you have any questions or would like to try one of the many Duck products feel free to give them a call or email.